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brightHCM can be hosted on the cloud, on-premise and works on any device with a browser

Data Director

Powerful Connectors for ERP Integration: SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Sage, Tally & more

Totally Customisable

brightHCM is highly customisable thereby virtually eliminating code changes.

Reasons to choose brightHCM

Key Modules in brightHCM

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Workforce management

manage employee records and track employee history effectively throughout the Employment life cycle

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powerful ERP Connectors

Powerful Connectors for ERP Integration: SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Sage, JD Edwards, Tally & much more

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Talent Acquisition

features include vacancy management, jobs portal integration, hiring steps, instant creation of employee records

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Talent Management

including integrated performance evaluations and promotion processes

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Compensation & benefits

enables you to handle financial details, CTC, benefits and taxation

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Compliance & Risk

enables you to ensure that all relevant Government and Social Insurance deductions, Entitlements, Accruals are automated

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Learning & Development

enables you to assess the organisations Skill gaps, develop TNA, assign Training programs and track learning performance

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Time & Attendance

enables you to validate employees’ attendance, shifts, track late attendance, tardiness and absence

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Coaching & Mentoring

enables you to monitor and track learner's progress and provide feedback.

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Rewards & Recognition

enables you to ensure that your workforce is well-compensated in line with your organisational goals

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Health & Wellness

enables you to create, track and monitor employee health and wellness program.

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Leave Management

enables the company to easily and correctly allocate, track and grant leave as well as allow for employees to request and track their own leave.

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enables the users to access the HR Service from anywhere, anytime

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KPI & Goals

enables to effectively manage and achieve key business objectives and set targets

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Dashboards & Analytics

enables to visually track, analyze and display key performance indicators (KPI), metrics and key data points to monitor the health of a business, department or specific process

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Take the control of your complete Human Capital Management functions with brightHCM.


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